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Success Stories

Success Stories highlight worksites and organizations around Alabama who have been successful in making their businesses smoke-free. Research shows that smoke-free environments are good for health and good for business. Smoke-free worksites policies generally result in lower maintenance costs, lower insurance premiums, and lower rates of absenteeism and lost productivity.

These stories prove a smoke-free policy is good for both businesses and their employees. For more information and help in making your business smoke-free, contact the local Tobacco Prevention and Control Coordinator in your area.

Alabama - Business Has Never Been Healthier

Bar and restaurant owners and operators in communities across Alabama were concerned about how local non-smoking ordinances would affect their businesses. They were pleased to find no harm to business after the bans were implemented. Alabamians prefer a non-smoking environment and as a result, the business owners gained customers - even the smokers came back. Customers realized how great the food and atmosphere was without the smoke. Watch how these Alabama businesses have never been healthier. For more information about the impact of smoke-free policies on restaurants and bars visit CDC Foundation.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021