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International Travel Information

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

ADPH issues advisory for pregnant women considering travel to areas with the Zika virus. Learn more about the Zika Virus, Chikungunya, and West Nile Virus.

USA FDA-approved YF-Vax will not be available until possibly late 2020 or into 2021.

Because of the total depletion of Sanofi Pasteur's supply of YF-Vax, the manufacturer has worked with CDC and the US Food and Drug Administration to make an alternative yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril, available at select locations until the YF-Vax supply returns.

Jefferson County Department of Health is centrally located and was chosen for this reason. Alabamians may obtain the YF vaccine, Stamaril, at Jefferson County Department of Health by calling 205-930-1014 to set up an appointment. If a patient has a pre-travel consult, they may call to set up an appointment to receive the YF vaccine. If a patient does not have a pre-travel consult, they need to call to set up an appointment for a pre-travel consult and to receive the YF vaccine.

Search for Stamaril yellow fever vaccination clinics

CDC Clinical Update Announcement: Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

Clinical Update: Yellow Fever Vaccine Access

CDC Health Information for International Travel

Yellow Fever Enrollment with the Alabama Department of Public Health, Immunization Division.

To enroll as a Yellow Fever (YF) Provider, you must be enrolled with ImmPRINT. Please select ImmPRINT now for enrollment information.

If you are interested in becoming a Yellow Fever Provider; please complete the Yellow Fever (YF) Enrollment and Questionnaire successfully complete the Yellow Fever Vaccine Course, submit the completed certificate to [email protected]and use the procedure for purchasing a Uniform Yellow Fever Stamp. Once the uniform stamp has been purchased, imprint the stamp on your business letterhead and email it to [email protected] to finalize enrollment. You will be notified of your enrollment upon receipt.

NOTE: If the imprinted stamp on your official letterhead has not been received and approved, you are not enrolled.

Yellow Fever Resources

International Travel Clinics in Alabama

County Health Departments

Jefferson County Health Department/Disease Control
1400 Sixth Avenue South, Birmingham, AL
Jefferson County Health Department website

Baldwin County Health Department
23280 Gilbert Drive, Robertsdale, AL
Baldwin County Health Department website

Montgomery County Health Department
3060 Mobile Highway, Montgomery, AL
Montgomery County Health Department website

Private Providers

Anniston Family Practice
400 East 8th Street, Anniston, AL
Anniston Family Practice website

AUM Nursing Care Center
College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Irma Moore Hall, Room 102, 7400 East Drive, Montgomery, AL
AUM Nursing Care Center website

Christ Health Center
5720 First Avenue South, Birmingham, AL
Christ Health Center website

Cullman Primary Care, PC
408 Clark Street, NE, Cullman, AL
Cullman Primary Care website

Edith Gubler McCreadie, MD
825 South University Blvd, Mobile

Florence Travel Medicine
541 West College St, Ste 3600, Florence, AL

251 North Bayou Street, Mobile, AL
FOC-Mobile website

Hartselle Family Practice
1211 Hwy 31 NW, Hartselle, AL

Huntsville Pediatrics Associates
2004 Airport Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801 
Huntsville Pediatrics Associates website

Marshall-Dekalb Occupational Health Care
3442 US Highway 431, Albertville, AL

N. Al. Family Medicine
540 Hughes Road, Suite 5
Madison, AL 35758
N. Al. Family Medicine website

Occupational Health Center
2050 Michigan Ave., Mobile, AL
Occupational Health Center website

Infirmary Occupational Health
305 North Water Street, Mobile, AL
Infirmary Occupational Health website

Passport Health Of Alabama
4220 Cahaba Heights Court, Ste 200, Birmingham, AL
Passport Health Of Alabama website

Premier Family Care
20 South Main Street
Arab, AL 35016
Premier Family Care website 

Southview Medical Group
833 St. Vincent's Drive, POB III, Ste 300, Birmingham, AL
Southview Medical Group website

St. Vincent's Occupational Health Clinic #2
One West Lakeshore Dr., Ste 301, Birmingham, AL
St. Vincent's Occupational Health Clinic website

The Doctor's Office
12935 Hwy231/431 North, Hazel Green, AL

UAB-Traveler's Health Clinic
1201 11th Avenue South, Ste 501, Birmingham, AL
UAB Traveler's Health
UAB-Traveler's Health Clinic website

University Medical Center/School of Medicine
850 5th Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL
University Medical Center/School of Medicine website

USA Medical Specialty Group-Infectious Disease
Mastin Specialty Clinic. Mastin Bldg, 2451 Fillinghim. St., Ste 102, Mobile, AL
USA Medical Specialty Group-Infectious Disease website

Working Fit Helen Keller Hospital
1300 South Montgomery Avenue, Ste 150-D, Sheffield, AL
Working Fit Helen Keller Hospital website

*Yellow Fever Only

Visit the CDC to find the required vaccine list for your destination country.

Page last updated: June 12, 2024