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Code of Alabama Section 22-11D-9

Statewide Trauma System Fund.

(a) The Statewide Trauma System Fund is created. The department shall distribute funding allocated to the department for the purpose of creating, administering, maintaining, or enhancing the statewide trauma system. The department may apply for, receive, and accept gifts and other payments, including property and services, for the fund from any governmental or other public or private entity or person and may utilize the fund for activities related to the design, administration, operation, maintenance, or enhancement of the statewide trauma system.

(b) The methodology of distribution of funds and allocation of funds shall be established by the council and subsequently adopted by the board, pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act. Guidelines and parameters for distribution and allocation of funds is the sole prerogative of the council. Fund allocation to trauma centers shall be based upon the designated level of trauma care and the number of qualified patients directed through the trauma centers, as defined by the rules of the board.

(c) Nothing in this chapter shall limit a patient's right to choose the physician, hospital, trauma center, health care center, facility, or other provider of health care services, subject to any limitations, requirements, or mechanisms prescribed in any federal law or law of the State of Alabama.

(d) Nothing in this chapter shall limit a hospital from being designated as a trauma center or any other designated health care center.

Act 2007-299, p. 541, §9; Act 2012-526, p. 1556, §1.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021