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Grant Accomplishments

Alabama’s EMSC grant accomplishments include the implementation of a number of performance measures.

Performance Measure EMSC 01: Submission of NEMSIS Compliant Version 3.x Data - The degree to which EMS agencies submit NEMSIS compliant version 3.x data to the State EMS Office. The Alabama Office of EMS requires all agencies to report version 3.x compliant data.

Performance Measure EMSC 08 - The degree to which the State/Territory has established permanence of EMSC in the State/Territory EMS system. There are five components to Performance Measure EMSC 08:

  • The EMSC Advisory Board has the required members as per the implementation manual: Nurse with emergency pediatric experience; Physician with pediatric training; Emergency physician; EMT/Paramedic who is currently a practicing, ground level pre-hospital provider; EMS State agency representative; EMSC principal investigator; EMSC grant manager; and Family Representative.
  • The EMSC Advisory Board meets at least four times a year. The Alabama EMSC Advisory Board meets quarterly.
  • Pediatric representation will have been incorporated in the State/Territory EMS Board. The Alabama EMSC Principal Investigator is a pediatric emergency physician and sits on the State Emergency Medical Control Committee (SEMCC).
  • The State/Territory will mandate requiring pediatric representation on the EMS Board. The Code of Alabama states that a member of the SEMCC must be a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The Alabama EMSC Principal Investigator is a member of the AAP and sits on the SEMCC.
  • One full-time EMSC Manager who is dedicated solely to the EMSC Program will have been established. The current EMSC manager has been solely dedicated to the program for 12 years.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021