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Alabama EMSC Advisory Board

Required Advisory Board Members - Performance Measure EMSC 08

The degree to which States and Territories have established permanence of EMSC in the State and Territorial Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System.

Katherine Dixon Hert - EMSC Project Director

Shea Duerring, MD, NRP, FAAP, FACEP - Assistant State EMS Medical Director for Pediatrics

Ann E. Klasner, MD, MPH - Children's Hospital Representative

Leslie Parris - Family Advocacy Network Representative

Steven Baldwin, MD - Physician with Pediatric Training

Stephanie Huff, RN, DNP, FNP-BC - Nurse with Emergency Pediatric Experience

William E. Crawford, MD, NRP, FACEP - State EMS Medical Director and Emergency Physician Representative

Kimmi Wilson, BS, NRP - EMT/Paramedic

Encouraged Members - EMSC Performance Measures Implementation Manual

Based on the unique needs of each individual State and Territory, the EMSC Program has identified a list of recommended advisory board members. The following 16 members are strongly encouraged (but not required) to play a role on the advisory board.

Mark Baker, MD - Disaster Preparedness Representative

Larry Hooks - Alabama Parent Teacher Association Representative

Richard Burleson - Child Death Review Representative

Alice Floyd, RN, BSN - Alabama Acute Health Care Systems Manager

Lynne Wilman - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Representative

Chief Christopher Mullins - Fire-Based EMS Representative

Michelle Trentham - Alabama Hospital Association Representative

Chris McGhee - Tribal EMS Representative

Sandy Powell, RN, CCE - Maternal and Child Health Block Grant Recipient for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Steve Simpson - EMS Training Coordinator

Jamie Gray, BS, AAS, NRP - Director, Office of EMS


Other Members of the Alabama EMSC Advisory Board

The six Alabama EMS Regional Directors are required to attend the EMSC Advisory Board meetings as part of their contractual agreement with the Office of EMS. Representation from the Alabama Parent-Teacher Association and Alabama Trauma Registry is also integral to the success of Alabama's EMSC program.

John Blue - East Alabama EMS, Inc. Representative

Glenn Davis - West Alabama Region Representative

David Garmon - Alabama Gulf EMS System Representative

Sean Gibson - Southeast Alabama EMS, Inc. Representative

Michael Minor - Birmingham Regional EMS System

Dion Schultz - Alabama EMS Region One Representative


Page last updated: September 20, 2022