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Communication and Training Branch


Distribution of HIV and AIDS educational materials and information, coordination of training/conferences and related satellites, management of the Alabama AIDS and Fraud Hotline, and media consultant..

Current Brochures

Instructions for Ordering Current Brochures

  • Include the name of your organization, telephone number, and the date on the top of the first page of the order form.
  • Include the quantity of packages of each brochure you are requesting. There is a limit of 100 on any one brochure depending on availability.
  • On page two under the “Ship To” section, please include the name and street address. Note: We cannot ship to a "P.O. Box" address.
  • You may fax the forms to (334) 206-5853 or mail them to the address below. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

Brochure Order Form (includes listing of all current brochures)

For additional information call (334) 206-5364.

Mailing Address: Alabama Department of Public Health
HIV Communication and Training
The RSA Tower – Suite 1400
P.O. Box 303017
Montgomery Alabama 36130-3017

Funded Projects

Any educational/visual materials used by Funded Projects must be approved by the HIV/AIDS Literary Panel Review Board if the materials do not appear on the HIV and AIDS Statewide Approved Brochure List below.

The following lists are for informational purposes only. Please do not order from the following lists.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021