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Know. Manage. Live.

Know. Manage. Live. Logo"Know. Manage. Live." It's more than a motto - it's a formula for beating HIV and AIDS. Check out the videos below, courtesy of the Greater Than AIDS campaign developed as part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Act Against AIDS effort, then visit Greater Than for more information on how you can know, manage and live your best life.

For more information on HIV and AIDS, contact the Alabama Department of Public Health HIV Prevention and Control Office or call the Alabama AIDS Hotline at 1-800-228-0469.

Men and HIV - Start Talking Alabama

"Men and HIV - Start Talking Alabama," a satellite conference and webcast, aired live on June 19. Program faculty members discussed the challenges of being a black male who is attracted to men and living in the south. This program features frank and open discussion encouraging men to start talking in Alabama. The video is now available to view on demand. Learn more.

Empowered with Alicia Keys

Find out what inspired Alicia Keys to take up the issue of women and HIV in America, and learn more about what you can do in your everyday life. From who it affects to what a life with HIV can look like to how we can all make a difference, this video can change the way you think about HIV.

Know Your Status

One in five Americans living with HIV doesn't even know it. Yet, it's easier than ever to get tested. Today's HIV tests can provide results in 20 minutes painlessly and privately. Knowing is greater than doubt. Get tested today.

Manage Your Health

Open and honest conversation about AIDS saves lives. Talk to your family. Talk to your physician. Talk to your partner. Talking about it can help you and those around you confront the issue and make the right decisions to live a healthier life. Be greater than AIDS - break the silence.

Live Your Best Life

Take action so that you can live the best life possible, and influence others to do the same. HIV began one person at a time, and it will end one person at a time. Your best life is out there - it's time to live it.

Page last updated: April 4, 2022