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Direct Care Management Services Branch

Vontrese McGhee., Ryan White Director
Gloria Sims, R.N., M.S.N., Part B Manager
Kelly Fuller, LMSW, HIV Re-Engagement Program (HREP) Manager
Melissa Hammonds, Clinical Quality Management Acting (CQM) Manager
Tammy Langlois, BSN, R.N., ADAP Manager
Rosie "Pat" Evans, ADAP Eligibility Specialist Team Supervisor
Jackie Frost, CQM Social Work Coordinator
Connickle Moore, ADAP Eligibility Specialist
Stephanie Houser, ADAP Eligibility Specialist
Nataki Ruggs, ADAP Eligibility Specialist
LaShanda Harris, ADAP Eligibility Specialist
LaTena McClure, ADAP Eligibility Specialist
Joyce Calhoun, ADAP Eligibility Specialist
Angelia Moore, Account Technician
Andrea Pearson, Ryan White Division Administrative Assistant
Sherrita Moncrief, Part B Services Administrative Assistant


  • Develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan for clinical services at multiple sites in the state to delay onset of symptoms and to prevent and treat complications of HIV infection
  • Assist with obtaining medications for qualified individuals
  • Consult for medical and social service providers

Alabama Ryan White Part B Program Service Standards

The RWHA Part B Clinical Quality Management Program (CQM) mission is to ensure the highest quality of core medical care and supportive services for PWH in Alabama, and to provide medication access through statewide leadership, stakeholder partnerships and collaboration.

The focus of the RWHA Part B CQM Program is to continuously improve the quality of care and services of people with HIV, and to maintain compliance with recognized Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines, National Priorities, Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) National Monitoring Service Standards, and research-based best practices.

Important Notice: Alabama Ryan White Part B Program Service Standards 

To: Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part B Funded Service Providers

Effective Date: October 29, 2021

Re: Notice of Alabama Department of Health Office of HIV Prevention and Care Rescission Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part B Service Providers’ Standards of Care Effectuated November 2020

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) Office of HIV Prevention and Care (OHPC), RWHAP Division is rescinding the Service Standards released November 2020. The implementation of these Service Standards was set to be implemented for each RWHAP
Part B Services funded subrecipient in November 2021.

During the training on the Service Standards held November 5-6, 2020, the RWHAP Division began receiving feedback concerning the Standards which brought to light critical issues that needed to be addressed. This prompted the RWHAP Division to perform a Service
Standards review. The resulting determination was to rescind the released November 2020 Service Standards to revise them in a way that will be responsive to provider concerns and reflect feasible provision of quality services.

The RWHAP Division is currently revising the Service Standards with technical assistance from Organizational Ideas (OI), an independent consultant organization that is supporting the Division in a variety of operational reviews and activities related to the
provision of RWHAP Part B-funded services. The Division is committed to pursuing a process for the development and revisions of Service Standards that involves substantial stakeholder input and participation.

The release of the revised Service Standards will occur after they have been updated with feedback from the RWHAP Part B Services funded service providers. The Division will notify the service providers of the release date in the near future.

The OHPC and the United Way of Central Alabama are committed to strengthening stakeholder communication, input, and participation in all areas, and improving and sustaining a statewide system of HIV care. We appreciate your collaboration and continued
dedication to serving people with HIV across Alabama with the best services possible.

Please direct inquiries or concerns to Melissa McNeil Hammonds, Clinical Quality Management Acting Program Manager at 334.206.9343 and, or Vontrese McGhee, Director, RWHAP Division, 334-206-2615 and



Page last updated: December 8, 2021