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Neonatal Levels

Each year, all delivering hospitals in Alabama report the level of nursery care they provide to newborns from Level I to Level IV.

  • Level I has a well-baby nursery for babies expected to be born without complications and close to their due date.
  • Level II has a specialty nursery, which includes equipment and staff that can support slightly underdeveloped or somewhat sick babies who are expected to get well quickly.
  • Level III and Level IV both have neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and can care for seriously ill babies.

There are various levels across the state depending on the resources available, such as staff, equipment, etc. All pregnant women should talk with their doctor about where they should be delivered. The goal is to try and ensure that moms deliver at the hospital with the most appropriate nursery level for their babies.

Healthcare providers should visit our Resources on Hospital Perinatal Levels.

Page last updated: December 6, 2023