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WIC Prescription Forms

WIC Eligibility

Who is eligible for WIC? More families than you might think. WIC serves Alabama residents who are:

  • Pregnant;
  • Breastfeeding, for up to one year postpartum;
  • Women who are not breastfeeding, for six months postpartum; and
  • Children under five years old.

These residents must also meet WIC income guidelines and have a medical or nutritional need. The guideline is 185% of the poverty level set by the federal government and is based on household size. Medical and nutritional needs are determined at the WIC certification appointment. Examples of qualifying needs include:

  • Medical conditions that affect food intake or nutrition status;
  • Abnormal height or weight measurements;
  • Low intake of essential nutrients; or
  • Conditions that predispose a person to inadequate nutrition patterns like lead poisoning, teen pregnancy, alcohol or drug abuse.

Page last updated: April 29, 2024