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Food Service Sanitation

The Food and Lodging Division is responsible for the permitting and inspection of more than 1,200 establishments located in Baldwin County. Environmentalists make inspections of every establishment where food and beverages are prepared, served or offered for sale to the public. These inspections are performed at restaurants, school cafeterias, day care kitchens, hospitals, bakeries, retail meat markets, food processing plants, mobile food units, hotels, motels, detention facilities, bars, and convenience stores.

The Public Health Laws of Alabama requires that any person operating a food establishment must possess a valid permit issued by the Health Department for the operation of that establishment. To obtain a food permit one makes application and pays the appropriate fee. Permits are not transferable.

Food Permit Application

Prior to the construction, remodeling, or conversation of any establishment, plans, plan review application, and fee must be submitted to the Health Department for review and approval before construction begins.

Hotel Plan Review Application
Food Plan Review

Food Establishment Inspection Scores

Inspections of permitted food and retail establishments are conducted at a minimum of three times per year and are based on a 100-point scale. However, establishments scoring less than 85 are required to be reinspected within 60 days. Food establishments that score consecutively below 85 twice are charged a re-inspection fee to be paid before the inspection.

Food Establishment Sanitation Rules
Food Establishment Scores Information and Online Database

Food Safety Training

The Alabama Department of Public Health requires Priority Category 3 and Category 4 type food establishment permit holder or their designee to have a valid certification from an accredited program issued within the previous five years or completion of an accredited program without certification within the previous 12 months. The Food and Lodging Division is committed equally to regulatory responsibilities and providing the best training and in-services for our food partners in the community. We are pleased to offer the nationally recognized ServSafe Manager course for our personnel in the food industry. It is taught every other month at the Health Department located at the Baldwin County Annex Building in Robertsdale.

Training in all aspects of food and lodging is offered by the Baldwin County Health Department. Contact Kipp Kyzar at (251) 947-3618 for additional information and services, or see our Trainings and Classes page for upcoming trainings.

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