School Health

Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Schools K-12

Let's work together to support schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. ADPH has a Back to School Toolkit with guidance for returning to school safely during the pandemic. For more resources and information, visit Schools K-12.

Health and Academics

Healthy students are better learners. There is evidence demonstrating a direct link between better nutrition and physical activity levels in students and their academic success. An interdependent relationship exists and effective school health programs and policies are needed to create a school environment that supports healthy behaviors and academic achievement. The following presentation offers further support of this relationship:

CDC Virtual Healthy School

The Virtual Healthy School is an interactive learning tool from CDC Healthy Schools. It provides examples of what a healthy school looks like and how to implement models like Whole School, Whole Community, and Whole Child. Visit the Virtual Healthy School to learn more.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model is a coordinated approach that is designed to improve learning and health outcomes for students while positively influencing the health of the entire school and its community.

School Health Resources


Page last updated: August 27, 2020