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Vending Machines

ADPH encourages healthy options in vending machines to assist with leading a healthier lifestyle. The Alabama Healthy Vending Machine Program (AHVMP) was developed to increase access to healthier foods and beverages in worksites and other locations. The AHVMP utilizes nutrition standards to define healthier snacks and beverages, which are identified using the "Good Choice" logo in vending machines and anywhere else snacks and beverages are available. 

If you are interested in increasing access to healthier foods and beverages, especially in the workplace, a vending machine program can be an effective strategy. 

Vending Calculator

Vending Program Snack Calculator

Is your snack a "Good Choice"? Our quick calculator will look at your snack's contents (including fat, sodium and calories) and let you know whether or not you're making a healthy choice. Grab a snack and hit the link below to give it a try!

Learn More About AHVMP

Check the links below If you are interested in learning more about the AHVMP and how it can be implemented in your organization.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to start implementing the AHVMP, our toolkit has all the information and resources to guide you. You will be asked a few questions about your organization upon entering the toolkit. Once complete, you will gain access to various AHVMP resources and materials that you can use to successfully implement and maintain the AHVMP.

Ordering Materials

AHVMP materials can be printed at home or taken to a professional printer for better quality prints. You can also order program materials, or a sample of program materials by completing the online order form.

FDA Finalizes Menu, Vending Machine Calorie Labeling Rules

The FDA has finalized the calorie labeling rules for standard menu items in restaurants and retail food establishments, as well as for food sold in vending machines. You can see the final rules below:

Page last updated: May 13, 2021