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Documentation Standards

As part of the initial accreditation process, ADPH recognized a need to improve documentation standards for its programs. The templates below were created as a tool for program staff to utilize when a standard format and structure is missing from their existing process. These can be modified as long as the standard requirements for documentation are met.

Templates for Central Office (with PHAB seal)

Templates for Districts and Counties

Documentation Standards and Recommendations

At a minimum, all ADPH documentation should have the department recognized through a current seal, current logo, "ADPH," or "Alabama Department of Public Health."

All documentation should be dated, which could be a version date, release date, or updated date. This will help with version control and prevent conflicting information.

It is recommended that sign-in sheets be prefilled with names and organizations, when possible. This will make the completed sign-in sheet easily readable and help meeting organizers identify parties who were not present.

For teams meeting frequently within a short time frame, it is recommended that the program alter the standard Sign-in Sheet Template so that dates can be written in at the top and attendees can initial for each meeting on one page, rather than sign a new sign-in sheet each meeting. This can significantly reduce paper use and storage needs. An example is provided below:

Example of a Modified Sign-in Sheet

Page last updated: July 14, 2023