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Reaccreditation Teams

ADPH utilizes two teams to gather documentation and information to meet the requirements of PHAB.

Accreditation Leadership Team (ALT)

The ALT is made up of Domain Leads who are responsible for selecting and preparing documentation for submission to PHAB. This team is made up of a variety of representatives throughout ADPH so that there is staff engagement throughout the organization.

Team Roster

Document Review Panel (DRP)

This group of eight ADPH staff review documentation prepared by the ALT as if they were assessing the documentation like a PHAB Site Visitor. These staff have received training from PHAB and are prepared to provide feedback to help strengthen documentation and the process used to prepare it.

DRP Roster

Accreditation Coordinator

The Accreditation Coordinator (AC), Denise Bertaut, acts as a conduit between ADPH and PHAB. The AC provides guidance to the ALT and DRP that comes from PHAB in a variety of ways including newsletters, webinars, and training events. She also assists in identifying documentation from other health departments that are reaccredited. Through the document preparation process, the AC serves as a liaison between the DRP and the ALT members to help coordinate communication.

The AC maintains a Reaccreditation Timeline that details the milestones for the teams and ensures everyone is aware of the deadlines.

ADPH’s Reaccreditation Timeline (Dec 2019)

Page last updated: May 23, 2024