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DOT Exemptions

If your company rejects a shipment of scrap metal or waste because of elevated radiation levels and the source of radiation is not easily identifiable, a DOT special permit must be issued to allow that shipment to be returned to its place of origin. To assist steel mills, scrap metal facilities and landfills, the Alabama Department of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control has authority to issue DOT special permits which authorize the one-way transportation in commerce by highway or rail shipments of scrap metal or other metal recycle materials (DOT-SP 10656) or liquid or solid waste (DOT SP-11406) with low levels of external radiation.

Instructions for Use

Scrap Metal - Instructions for radiation found in scrap metal.

Waste - Instructions for radiation found in waste.

Using the form fillable pdf. Exemption Form-Scrap Metal for scrap metal or Exemption Form-Waste for waste, complete the following sections providing as much detail as possible.

1. Details of Detection Site, Materials, and Origin

2. Destination for Radioactive Material Identification and Disposition

Once this information is completed on the form, print a copy and fax it to the Office of Radiation Control at 334-285-9342. Follow up with a phone call (334-290-6244) to verify that the fax was received. Once received, personnel in the Office of Radiation Control will review the information and assign an approval number. The completed approval document will be faxed back to you and copies will be faxed to the carrier contact person, the shipment origin contact person, appropriate radiation control officials, and the shipment destination contact person.

A copy of the special permit with the approval number should be given to the driver (for highway shipments) or railroad management or dispatch office (for rail shipments).

Before allowing the shipment to leave, the following requirements must be met:

1. A current copy of the shipment approval document and special permit must be carried in the cab of the motor vehicle in accordance with 49 CFR 177.817. For shipments by rail, the railroad management will provide train crews the identity of the rail car and its position in the train.

2. Each carrier must ensure that the shipment described on the shipment approval document is transported over the most appropriate route without unnecessary or avoidable delay.

3. The shipment approval form and other provisions of the special permit satisfy the Emergency Information and Training Requirements of 49 CFR Part 172, Subpart G and Subpart H, and the Class 7 material requirements of Part 174, Subpart K and Part 177, Subpart B.

4. The special permit number and "Radioactive" must be conspicuously marked on two opposing sides of the conveyance for both rail and highway shipments. Examples of the markings, Marking-Scrap Metal or Marking-Waste are available on our Forms Page. The markings should be removed once the source of radiation has been identified and removed from the conveyance.

If you are the company that receives material returned under a DOT Special Permit, you are required to identify the source of radiation and notify the Office of Radiation Control. If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Radiation Control at 334-290-6244 for guidance.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021