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Reciprocity and Fees



Pursuant to Rule 420-3-26-.02(20)(a), the State of Alabama may grant reciprocal recognition of an out of state license provided written notification is made at least three days in advance. We maintain a 24 hour fax machine at 334-285-9342. We also have an email address([email protected]).  Exceptions to the three days advanced time limit can be made in cases where you notify the State of Alabama immediately after your company is notified of the need to work in Alabama. Followup by telephone (334) -290-6244, (please ask for Radioactive Material Compliance), to this Agency should be made to verify approval. A copy of the Agency's reciprocity request form may be downloaded from our Forms page.

A maximum of 30 days of possession and/or use under reciprocity is allowed during each calendar year. The only exceptions to the 30 day limit is reciprocity for a license authorizing installation, transfer, or service of a device distributed and possessed pursuant to a general license. Rule 420-3-26-.02(20)(b) places no limit on the numbers of days of reciprocity for installation, transfer, and service of general license devices. View Rules page.

  • Alabama does not charge for reciprocity (effective August 9, 2023)
  • If your work under reciprocity will exceed 30 days in a calendar year, Alabama requires that your company apply and pay for a license with Alabama
  • We do not require that your company have a permanent location in Alabama
  • If your company will have radioactive material onsite intermittently, please be sure to update us frequently
  • Any day that your company has radioactive material at a job site with the potential for use counts as a day of reciprocity

    Reciprocity Form RR

The fee schedule for fy2024 will be in effect as of August 14, 2023. Please see the contact page for a list of contacts if you have questions.

Radioactive Material Fee Schedule - fy2024
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Page last updated: August 16, 2023