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IR Certification

Rule 420-3-26-.04(16)(a) requires that individuals who use radioactive material or x-ray machines for industrial radiography have to be certified through an approved independent certifying entity or an approved certifying state. Please note, Alabama Radiation Control no longer offers the Industrial Radiography Certification Program.

If you or an employee of your company need to replace an Alabama-issued unexpired certification ID card, Alabama will provide a replacement after payment of the $20 replacement fee. If you or an employee of your company passed a combination/both exam, but qualified for 1 modality (radioactive materials or x-ray), Alabama will provide a certification ID card authorizing both modalities after appropriate and complete documentation is approved by Alabama.

Please note that the States of Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, and Oklahoma among others contract with the same organization with which Alabama contracts, the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD). Please communicate with those states for certification with the CRCPD. Please note that the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) also provides certification for industrial radiography with its IRRSP program.

Alabama does and will recognize unexpired, valid certifis:ation ID cards from other CRCPD-contracting states and from the ASNT.  Alabama continues to require that at least one individual at a temporary job site (or one individual for radiography in a vault installation) have, on his/her person, a valid certification ID card authorizing the individual to use the source of radiation in use at the site (i.e. 1/RAM or 3/Combo card for RAM use, 2/X-ray or 3/combo card for x-ray use).

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Page last updated: August 9, 2023