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What's New?

The Alabama Office of Radiation Control has moved!

As of June 26, 2020, the physical location of the Alabama Office of Radiation Control is listed as the following:
Alabama Office of Radiation Control
208 Legends Court, Suite C

Prattville, Alabama 36066

The main office phone number is 334-290-6244.
The fax number is 334-285-9342.

The Agency's post office box mailing address has not changed.
Alabama Office of Radiation Control
P.O. Box 303017
Montgomery, AL 36130-3017

Revisions to Radiation Control Rules

Revisions to rules for Radiation Control Chapter 420-3-26 become effective 11/14/21. Read our Frequently Asked Questions about these changes.

New Rule Changes - Effective November 14, 2021

Radiation Protection Guidance for COVID-19

The Office of Radiation Control (ORC) is aware of the stresses and burdens of COVID-19 on licensees and registrants. The ORC recognizes that during the current COVID-19 public health emergency licensees or registrants may experience challenges in meeting certain regulatory requirements. The ORC has multiple methods of providing relief from regulatory requirements while continuing to maintain safety and security. These methods fall broadly into different categories, which include exemptions from regulatory requirements, amendments to license conditions, or enforcement discretion. Each method has specific requirements and is appropriate under certain circumstances. The ORC encourages licensees and registrants to contact us upon identifying any potential compliance issues resulting from the COVID-19 public health emergency. Licensees or registrants that anticipate that they will be unable to comply with a regulatory requirement or license condition should contact us as soon as a potential issue is identified. The ORC will consider these requests for relief on a case-by-case basis.

Please submit requests in writing via your normal communication channels to the agency. Individual exemptions, exceptions or waivers to the rules will be considered as allowed in Rule 420-3-26-.01(3)(a). Despite the circumstances, licensees and registrants are expected to continue to use sources of radiation in a safe manner and secure them appropriately when not in use.

The agency will continue to exercise enforcement discretion to provide the necessary flexibility to allow the licensees and registrants to continue to provide essential services relied on by the public in a manner that is protective of public health and in compliance with applicable regulations despite staffing limitations and other needs related to measures intended to reduce the rate of community spread of COVID-19.

Licensing & Registration Branch New E-mail Address

Alabama Fees for Radioactive Materials Licenses - Effective August 23, 2022

Alabama Industrial Radiography Examinations - Effective December 1, 2022

  • Memo about how ADPH ORC will be handling industrial radiography exams

Form for Requesting a Waiver for Non-Healing Arts Uses of Bone Density X-Ray Units

2023 Radiological Emergency Assistance Contacts

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