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eWIC for Vendors

eWIC Information for Authorized WIC Vendors

Since each cash register system is different, the State WIC Office training does not cover how to conduct a transcation in your specific system. It is up to you to provide a hands on training of your specific system.

Alabama eWIC Vendor Publications

Alabama WIC Program UPC Submission Process

If your store has gone live with eWIC and you have items that are not scanning that you believe are WIC eligible based on the current Alabama WIC Foods Brochure, submit these items for consideration. Complete the Alabama UPC Submission Form and email [email protected] or submit foods through the Alabama WIC app. The form must be completed in its entirety for the submission to be considered. Submissions are not a guarantee of placement on the Alabama APL.

Alabama WIC Program Produce Mapping Informational Sheet

Visit Alabama WIC Program Produce Mapping Informational Sheet to learn more about mapping fresh fruits and vegetables.

Alabama eWIC Vendor Enablement Webinars

The Alabama WIC Program is conducting eWIC Vendor Enablement Webinars to ensure a successful eWIC Implementation. Visit Alabama eWIC Vendor Enablement Webinars to access and view previously held webinars.

Improving the Shopping Experience with eWIC

Visit eWIC Vendor Improvements to learn how eWIC will enable smoother transactions, reduced checkout times, and more.

United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service Resources (USDA FNS) eWIC Requirements

Visit USDA FNS eWIC Requirements to learn about the two documents that govern WIC EBT processing standards.

Vendor Questions about eWIC?

Contact Alabama WIC at [email protected] with your questions.

Page last updated: October 17, 2022