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Code of Alabama, 1975

Chapter 18 Ambulances

Article 1 Training, Qualifications, and Licensing.

Article 2 Alabama Emergency Medical Services Education Commission.

Article 3 Emergency Medical Services

  • Section 22-18-40 State Emergency Medical Control Committee.
  • Section 22-18-41 Advanced life support techniques; procurement, carriage, and use of drugs and fluids; performance of services.
  • Section 22-18-42 Regulation of certain types of care and personnel; purchase of drugs and fluids.
  • Section 22-18-43 Board of Health shall follow Administrative Procedure Act.
  • Section 22-18-44 Applicability of chapter and rules of board to volunteer fire departments.


(3) Office of Emergency Medical Services

(a) Individual Emergency Medical Services Personnel 24-Month License (Initial Application and Renewal) -- $12.

(b) Air or Ground Provider Service 12-Month License (Initial Application and Renewal) -- $30.

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