Medical Directors Course

The Alabama Department of Public Health and the Office of EMS (OEMS) is proud to announce the transition of the Medical Directors Course from the written format to a web-based program. Effective immediately, all Medical Directors Course offerings will only be available via the web-based course.

The complete Online Medical Directors (OLMD) Newcomers course is available to all new physicians needing their initial Medical Direction Physician Identification Number (MDPID) and for physicians who previously received their number by taking the older, written exam. Please contact the OEMS before accessing the site, to receive a username and password. Please also complete the Medical Directors Course Request. At the end of the course is a Summary and Recognition section that must be completed for credit to be given for the course. Also, on the OLMD Course page, there is a Profile link available for physicians to complete needed demographic information.

Thanks for the work you do in EMS. The OEMS staff is excited to offer the Medical Directors course as a web-based program. Should you experience any difficulties in accessing the course, please email Jamie Gray at or call (334) 206-5383. The OEMS fax number is (334) 206-0364.

Page last updated: July 6, 2020