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Licensure Information

Declaration of U.S. Citizenship Information

The Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act requires every person or sole proprietorship applying for certain licenses or permits to either demonstrate U.S. citizenship, or, if the person is an alien, to prove lawful presence in this country. The Alabama Department of Public Health will verify an applicant’s immigration status or naturalized/derived citizenship status using the SAVE Program effective August 1, 2016.

To comply with this law, ADPH requires the following for an initial permit or renewal application:

A business entity must provide a Declaration of Business Ownership Structure if the type of ownership or business entity is not clearly indicated on the application.

ADPH will only verify the status of the individual who is licensed or permitted. Demonstration of U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residence is only required one time.

Individual Licensure Information

  • EMSP License Requirements - Please read this document before filling out the application. As a reminder, All Intermediates and individuals who do not have National Registry must submit continuing education certificates every year. This is not an audit. This is manadatory for license renewal.
  • EMSP Endorsement Requirements - Please read this document in regards to adding endorsements to a Paramedic license. 
  • EMS Individual Licensure Application - Complete the application and if you are a first issue, you must complete the Criminal History Information Release Form. It is not necessary to fill out the Criminal History Information Release Form if you have already been licensed. Please be aware that walk-ins will not be processed during the license renewal period (January 1-March 31). This form is fillable and should be typewritten, not handwritten.
  • EMS Individual Online Renewal - The online renewal capability is currently active. Please remember that all online renewal transactions are subject to a $2 annual fee for using this method of renewal. Individuals chosen for audit are required to fax requested documentation to (334) 206-0364 within 72 hours of the request.
  • Paramedic Endorsements Application - Complete this application in addition to your individual license application to acquire the critical care and/or tactical endorsements. This form is fillable and should be typewritten, not handwritten. For all paramedic endorsements, please complete page one only. A CFRN and CTRN must have their credential verification sent from the BCEN website to for approval. To apply for the initial critical care endorsement, please complete only the first page of the application and attach your ISBC/BCEN certification. To renew your critical care endorsement, please email or fax the ISBC/BCEN certification during renewal cycle each year.
  • Please complete the Information Update Form to update your personal information in the database.
  • If you apply for renewal after April 1 of your expiration year, a $50 late fee will be added in addition to the new licensure fee.
  • The OEMS has established a license denial policy based on Section 22-18-6(f) of the Code of Alabama.
  • An individual who checks Yes to having a diagnosed condition that may affect their ability to safely practice must have a physician complete the Essential Job Functions Analysis Form and submit it with their application. The individual must be re-evaluated with any change in the condition.
  • An individual who checks Yes to having a conviction must supply documentation as to the nature of the offense, the current status and disposition of the case, and a personal statement concerning the incident(s) in question. Please provide a separate statement and documentation for each conviction.

Lapsed National Registry Certification Information

Has your National Registry certification lapsed? Here is the information needed to see how to regain your certification.

Provider Licensure Information

Provider Application - All plans and proof of liability insurance must accompany the application.

All services must establish, adhere to, and update (as needed) these required plans: Controlled Substance (CSP), Fluid/Drug, and Biohazard Waste plans. If your service does not carry controlled substances, the CSP is not required.

Before a renewal license will be issued, services are now required to submit these plans for review once every three years on a rotating basis. For example, if you are required to submit your plans in 2022, you will not have to submit them again until 2025 unless they are modified.

Reviewers will be looking for all items from the check list as well as outdated language. "Credentialed paramedics" and "Office of EMS and Trauma" are examples of outdated language.

We encourage those in charge of maintaining these documents to review them before submitting them. This will help expedite the process.

These plans should be in PDF format and sent to:

Beginning in 2022, all services in Regions 1 (AERO) and 6 (Gulf) must submit plans every three years.
In 2023, all services in Regions 3 (BREMSS) and 5 (Southeast) must submit plans every three years.
In 2024, all services in Regions 2 (East), 4 (West), and those out of state must submit plans every three years.

Click here to see a map showing what counties are in each region.

If you have any questions about the service plan review process, please contact Chris Hutto at: 334-290-6228 or email us.

Proof that a service's LLC or incorporated (Inc) status has been registered with the Office of the Alabama Secretary of State must now be provided in order to receive an initial or a renewed license. The Office of EMS cannot provide a license to any service that is incorporated or is an LLC without this documentation. Depending on how taxes are filed, even volunteer services are probably considered incorporated. To access and print your status, please go to the Alabama Secretary of State website. Below is an example of what you need from the Secretary of State website.

Secretary of State Status Example

Online EMS Provider Licensure Application - The electronic renewal process is now active.
EMS Provider Licensure Application - This form is fillable and should be typewritten, not handwritten.
Critical Care Provider Application - Complete this application and submit it with the provider license application to acquire the critical care endorsement.

Beginning January 1, 2023, the BioHazard Plan will be replaced with an Infectious Disease Prevention Plan for all services seeking an initial or renewing their license. An Infectious Disease Prevention Plan MUST be on file with the Office of EMS before a license (initial or renewal) will be issued. If a service has adopted a Standard Operating Procedure where all of the items in the Infectious Disease Prevention Plan Checklist are addressed, this document may be submitted in lieu of a separate plan. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Provider Services staff at the Office of EMS if you have any questions.

The following plans are required to be included with your EMS Provider licensure application.

Controlled Substance Plan Checklist
Infectious Disease Prevention Plan Checklist
I.V. Fluid/Drug Plan Checklist

Coordinated Deployment MOU

If your service will be involved in coordinated deployment, please complete the MOU for your region. All blanks must be filled in and the document returned to the OEMS with an original signature.

Medical Needs Shelter MOU

If your service will be established as a medical needs shelter, please complete the MOU for your region. All blanks must be filled in and the document returned to the OEMS with an original signature.

Page last updated: January 24, 2023