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Compliance Issues

This page provides information about EMS personnel and provider services that are non-compliant with Alabama EMS Rules and Protocols. For compliance issues or questions, please email [email protected].

The OEMS investigates complaints and may exercise its authority to deny, place on probation, suspend, or revoke the licensure of an ambulance service, training entity, emergency medical response agency, and emergency medical services personnel when statutory or regulatory violation is substantiated. The complaint form is available to submit to the OEMS.

The OEMS has established a license denial policy based on Section 22-18-6(f) of the Code of Alabama.

Please be reminded that, according to Rule 420-2-1-.28 (6)(h), all licensed provider services shall provide notification and written documentation within three working days to the OEMS regarding any perceived protocol or rule violation, which includes but not limited to, those standards of conduct found in Rule 420-2-1-.29, and particular instances when licensed EMSP are guilty of misconduct,  committed a serious and material violation of these rules, and have been convicted of a crime.

Also be reminded that, according to Rule 420-2-1-.30 (6), all licensed provider services shall immediately provide notification and written documentation of any EMSP who is or appears to be impaired within the meaning of Rule 420-2-1-.02(58).

Ambulance Accident Form

If your ambulance is involved in an accident, please submit this form to the OEMS, persuant to Code of Alabama 420-2-1-.11(10)i. This provision of immediate verbal notification to the OEMS and a written report within five working days of any accident involving an ambulance that was responding to an emergency, that injured any crew members, or that had a patient on board. A copy of the accident police report must be provided to the OEMS as soon as it becomes available.


Page last updated: March 13, 2024