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Exercise for Osteoporosis

Exercise improves the condition of the entire body. Weight-bearing and lifting types of exercise are particularly beneficial for bone structure. Any weight-bearing exercise such as walking, jogging, weight lifting, and aerobic dancing done with regularity will help maintain and build strong bones.

Walking is the most popular of these exercises. It requires no special equipment and can be done at any time of day.

Weightlifting offers the extra benefit of building strength. You can minimize any dangers connected to lifting weights if you are careful to begin slowly with some instruction. Beginning weight lifters require no special equipment. A pound bag of beans will serve as an excellent weight. Be sure the bag is tightly closed, and a cotton material to hold the bag is a good choice as it will not slip out of your hand.

One of the benefits that weight lifting provides is that building strength in bone and muscle is protection against injury in case of falls or bumps. An advantage is that it can be done sitting. Consult your medical practitioner before beginning or altering your exercise program.

Miriam Nelson, PhD has written a series of books on weight lifting and fitness programs for women. She leads the organization StrongWomen, which envisions a worldwide community of women of all ages who are fit, strong, and healthy. In turn, those empowered women will become positive agents of change for their families, communities and beyond. StrongWomen provides books, recipes, articles, and more information on osteoporosis by Dr. Nelson.

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Page last updated: March 24, 2023