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eWIC for Families

eWIC is here! eWIC is a safe, simple and convenient way to deliver food benefits to WIC clients using an electronic benefits card.

eWIC CardeWIC is:


  • No more paper checks!
  • Your eWIC card will replace your food instruments.
  • Your eWIC card is PIN protected.


  • Easy Checkout!
  • Your eWIC card will work just like a debit card.


  • Buy only the food you need when you need it.
  • See your benefits balance on your WIC shopping list or shopping receipt.

Learn More

  • Stay connected with us by following our Alabama WIC Facebook page.
  • Download our free (Android or iOS) Alabama WIC app on your smart device.

What To Expect:

  • Make sure the parent/guardian attends the first eWIC visit.
  • At this visit, you will receive your family's eWIC card.
  • You will set your PIN and learn how to shop with your eWIC card.
  • Please allow more time for this visit.


  • Call the eWIC Customer Service at 1-855-279-0683 or
  • Visit WIC Connect for help with your eWIC card or account.

      Here, you can:

  • Set, change or unlock your PIN number
  • Check your benefit balance
  • Report your card lost, stolen or damaged

How to Use Your eWIC Card



Como utilizar su tarjeta eWIC




Page last updated: May 13, 2021