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Alabama "Yellow Dot" Program


The “Yellow Dot” program is the first program of its kind in the state of Alabama. It is designed to assist Alabama citizens and first responders in the event of an automobile accident or other medical emergency involving the participant’s vehicle. The program can help save lives during the critical “golden hour” by improving communication at the time when accident victims may be unable to communicate for themselves.

The “Yellow Dot” program provides detailed medical information that can be crucial after a crash. Participants of the program receive a “Yellow Dot” decal, a “Yellow Dot” folder and an information form with the participant’s name, identifying photo, emergency contact information, personal physicians’ information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies, and medications being used.Yellowdot Card A “Yellow Dot” decal on the driver’s side rear window of a vehicle alerts first responders to check in the glove compartment for the corresponding “Yellow Dot” folder. Having this information following a crash helps first responders positively identify the person, inform family or emergency contacts, and ensures that the person’s current medications and pre-existing medical conditions are considered when treatment is administered for injuries.

Yellowdot - Form and PhotoThe “Yellow Dot” program is a free service provided to individuals of all ages, with an emphasis on senior citizens. The program is being funded by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs/ Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Division (ADECA/LETS) and is being administered by the Northeast Alabama Traffic Safety Office. The “Yellow Dot” program is a cooperative effort of local Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Senior Groups and concerned citizens. For more information, the October 6, 2009 press release is available.

The Yellow Dot logo is a service mark of the Alabama Yellow Dot Program and may not be altered. The logo may only be reproduced with permission of the program administrator. Please call the Northeast Alabama Traffic Safety Office at (256) 549-8142.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021