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Activity Certification

The Bureau of Health Provider Standards is the State of Alabama’s regulatory agency responsible for licensing and/or certifying health care facilities. The bureau as part of that responsibility also certifies applicants as Activity Professionals who meet the requirements as defined in the “Rules of Alabama State Board of Health Alabama Department of Public Health Chapter 420-5-10 Nursing Facilities” and the Federal Code of Regulations 42 CFR Part 483.15 (f) (2) Activities.

An “Activities” program provided in a nursing facility refers to any endeavor, other than routine activities of daily living (ADLs), in which a resident participates that is intended to enhance her/his sense of well-being and to promote or enhance physical, cognitive, and emotional health. These include, but are not limited to, activities that promote self-esteem, pleasure, comfort, education, creativity, success, and independence.

Nursing facilities must provide an ongoing program of activities directed by a qualified professional. The activities program must be designed to meet, in accordance with the comprehensive assessment, the interest, physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident.

An activity director (qualified professional) is responsible for directing the development, implementation, supervision and ongoing evaluation of the activities program.

A person is a qualified professional if they meet any one of the qualifications listed under the Federal Regulation F249 §483.15(f)(2); and The Rules of the Alabama State Board of Health, Alabama Department of Public Health referenced in Chapter 420-5-10 Nursing Facilities 420-5-10-.08)1)(f)2.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the activity certification process or would like to submit information (application) for activity certification, please address all communications to:

By mail:
Attention: Patient Activities Certification
Bureau of Health Provider Standards
P. O. Box 303017
Montgomery, AL 36130-3017

By phone:
(334) 206-5169


1. Letters of recommendation from (on official facility/company letter head stationary)
    a. Nursing home Administrator or Director of Nursing (DON)
    b. Activity Department Supervisor
2. Resume, which includes:
    a. Maiden name (if applicable)
    b. Date of birth
    c. Social Security number
    d. Chronologically list employment experience, (include facility name, job title, period of employment, location, education and
        copies). Pertinent certificates or other documents supporting education and job training
    e. Current supervisor’s name and credentials
    f. Copy of job description signed at the time of employment in activity department
    g. Job description (current)
3. Qualifications:
    a. Qualified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist w/one year experience or
    b. Qualified Occupational Therapist or Occupational Assistant w/one year experience or
    c. Completed a training course approved by the State with one year full time experience in a recreational/activity program
         in a long term care facility/nursing home i.e. a NAAP/NCCAP 90 hour basic course for activity professionals; or
    d. Has two (2) years experience in a social/ recreational program within the past five (5) years; one (1) of which was full time
        in a patient activities program in a long term care facility/nursing home or
    e. If you have ever been approved in the State of Alabama under another name.
4. Verify CNA Certification
5. Education Level
6. Identification (Picture ID)
7. Activity Trainer (Person Train the person)
8. Copy Activity Trainer Credentials


Frequently Asked Questions

Download Frequently Asked Questions for FAQs on activity certification.

Page last updated: March 13, 2023