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OASIS Information

The Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) is a group of standardized data elements that:

  • Represent core items of a comprehensive assessment for an adult home care patient; and
  • Forms the basis for measuring patient outcomes for the purposes of outcome-based quality improvement (OBQI).

OASIS is a key component of Medicare's partnership with the home care industry to foster and monitor improved home health care outcomes and proposed to be an integral part of the revised Conditions of Participation for Medicare-certified home health agencies (HHAs). It was designed to provide the necessary data items to measure both outcomes and patient risk factors. The OASIS data items have utility for clinical assessment, care planning and other internal agency-level applications. OASIS data items address sociodemographic, environmental, support system, health status, functional status, and health service utilization characteristics of the adult patient (18 years or older, nonmaternity patients) receiving skilled services with Medicare or Medicaid as a payer source. Data is collected at the start of care, 60-day follow-ups, and at discharge.

Federal requirements stipulate all certified home health agencies (HHA) must encode and transmit data using software available from CMS or software that conforms to CMS standard electronic record layout, edit specifications, and dictionary, and that includes the required OASIS data set. jHaven/Haven is software provided free from CMS for HHAs to use to submit their OASIS data.

The following additional OASIS D training videos are now available on YouTube:

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If you have additional questions, you may contact the Alabama State Oasis Education Coordinator at (334) 206-5105 or email [email protected].

Page last updated: May 13, 2021